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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Gingerbread Train

This year we got a gingerbread train instead of a house.

Every year we get one of those kits - you know, with the bags of icing and pre-cut gingerbread, and the plastic base that you assemble it all on. They've always been the traditional house style, with the gingerbread cookie trees in the yard (you mean we're not supposed to eat those as we're building the house? ;-)

As much as I love Christmas tradition, the train was way easier to assemble. There are more parts, but because the pieces are smaller it's not as difficult to get them to stay in place (with the houses we never seemed to have enough icing, and we'd always have to prop the walls up with something as it dried). As I type this, we are halfway through - we assembled the train yesterday and left it to dry, and today we will decorate it.

I don't know how they get any of them to look like they do on the box. They must use a professional pastry chef with nifty tools or it's computer generated or something.

My goal this year is for us to eat it sooner (that should be soooo hard - wish us luck ;-) The reason has been in the past that after all the strife of assembling the darn things, I haven't wanted to damage them. Then by the time Christmas is over and you start picking at the trimmings, it's quite stale (and yet I proceed - I'd eat a shoe if it had icing on it).

This year, darn it - I don't care how pretty it is!! I'll take some pictures and then we'll dive right it!! lol

How soon, if ever, do you eat your gingerbread house?
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