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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Shopping Early

Last year I bought my daughter some shoes for Christmas a couple of months early, and then panicked thinking they'd be too small by Christmas. I gave them to her early, only to discover that they were HUGE on her (and yes, I do know her size ;) She still wears them now, a year later, and now they fit her properly. I could have waited until Christmas last year to give them to her.

You'd think I'd learn to not buy shoes for Christmas... but nooo... this time I bought her runners. Hannah Montana runners, to be specific. (Think very very very happy six year old). I looked at the size of the runners, and then measured the bottom of one runner against the palm of my hand. They seemed enormous, until I got home and measured one of her currents runners against the palm of my hand. Same size.


Do I panic and give her these new ones early, just like I did last year? I haven't yet, but who knows what tomorrow will bring...

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